Dearspeak the band...

Enchanting and provocative, with alluring metaphors and melodies; Dearspeak is emotive Indie Rock that will have you singing along and chewing on the words all the way home.

Their second release, Oh, For Freedom, is an exploration of the liberty that we all seek as human beings. Whether it be the freedom to love,
to move on from the past, or simply to pursue this life unhindered by the evils surrounding us, this collection of songs is likely to speak to some place deeper than you might've guessed. And this is what Dearspeak does best. They speak about things they hold dear, while awakening your senses with their mix of highs and lows, acoustic and electric songs.


Dearspeak is Ree Boado on vocals, keys, and guitar, with various musicians at  live shows. This band has had their music played on local and national radio, and have played some notable venues both in and out of state. Collectively, the band members have shared the stage with a wide range of musicians including Billboard Artists Taking Back Sunday, JJ Heller, and Audrey Assad, Grammy nominees Katie Herzig and Sophie B. Hawkins, Dove Award winner Chris August, American Idol's Brooke White, and Stephen Egerton of the punk band Descendents. 

Dearspeak Darlings...