Ree moves to China

Whaaaat?!!? Yep. I, Ree, am moving to China with my husband for a year and a half to teach English & Music to some adorable little Chinese kids.  I know, I know. Just when the band was starting back up and making plans to record... bummer! Well, I am definitely not giving up on music, rest assured. But when great opportunities come knocking on the door of 2 adventurous people, the answer is going to be a big fat "YES!"  

So.... Dearspeak will be on hold until further notice. If I can find some great musicians over there, who knows.... I may start up a Chinese version of Dearspeak! I'll definitely be playing solo over there and can't wait to see how my music does on the other side of the world!  

Here's to 2015 - The year of taking risks and having adventures. Life is short, live it to the fullest friends! 

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New Year, New start, New band

Happy New Year, Dearspeak is back! We've got some new music, new players, and a new attitude for this brand new start of 2015. Sign up to be a "Dearspeak Darling" to stay in the know with all our happenings. 



Special thanks to Andrew and Elise Gooi of Gooi Films ( for their hard work and creativity, and to little Julia Lee for doing an outstanding job at her very first acting role ever! You can click on the "Lyrics" tab to see the words... this song is the story of my childhood. Feels pretty amazing to see it encapsulated into a work of art. Wow. 


Ree & Dearspeak 

Back from Tour

What a great summer of finishing our "Oh For Freedom" album and touring it across 10 states in the U.S.! We had some wonderful and difficult experiences on the road, but all of them have made us closer than ever as a band. I (Ree) am truly grateful for the guys in the band and we all had such a great time of exploring new places, meeting new people, and seeing how different cities react to our music. Touring the country is an amazing experience, but we're also glad to be back. We're planning for our CD Release show soon, we'll keep you posted on the details. Thanks for coming along for the ride! 

 College Times article "Dearspeak's Ree Boado talks sexism in the local music scene"

"While Ree Boado is having a blast fronting her current band, Dearspeak, things haven't always been smooth sailing. Sexism is still a hurdle that women have to deal with and it is in the music scene. Boado has dealt with misogynistic band members and pulled through despite their pinhead ways... {more}

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